TOP 10 Exercises for BIGGER ARMS for Skinny Guys!

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Growing up a 5’7″ weighing around 50kg. I understand what its like to have had scrawny arms.

As I got into fitness and started lifting weights at home my arms started to grow even though it wasn’t intentional of me to train them specifically.

I was caught up more in wanting to be strong initially. Later years of training back in early 2019 when I actually got interest to grow my arm size. 

Why? Because on the 28th of March 2019 was my graduation day, and I wanted to look good in my suit. I want my arms to be huggin’ em sleeves. (Yes I am a Chris Jones fan, guilty haha)

After years of training, I finally put in the effort to grow my arm size and I’m happy to say I did look good in my suit on that day.

The confidence that was gained from my arms huggin’ em sleeves was truly satisfying.

That is why I now want to encourage all of you guys that are reading this should give these exercises a try by incorporating it in your training for the whole 3-6months!

However, before that, I want you guys to understand the anatomy of the arms, just a little bit.

What are the muscles that cover the arms?

  • Triceps
  • Biceps

As you can see I mentioned the triceps muscle first because it is bigger and has more heads/ muscle origins compared to bicep.

Hence, do not neglect the triceps! Your arms wouldn’t look good either if you only train your biceps and will be missing out on maximizing you arm size!!

So what I would like to here is to condense all that I have learned from my personal experience and education into my top 10 arm exercises that I believe would target all three heads of the triceps and two heads of the biceps.

Top 10 arm Exercises for MASS!

  1. Close-grip Bench Press
  2. Barbell curl
  3. Lying Tricep Extension
  4. EZ bar Reverse Curl
  5. Cable Bent-over Tricep Extension
  6. Dumbbell Hammer Curl
  7. Rope Tricep Pushdown
  8. Dumbbell Curl, 21s
  9. Lever Triceps Dip (plate loaded)
  10. Alternating Preacher Curl

Try follow the exercises accordingly and comeback tell me how’s your arms feel!

All in all, a good training has to be followed by proper nutrition. Also check out my other blogpost on 11 Healthy Protein Sources for MUSCLE GAIN!

Remember to provide enough building blocks for your those muscles to grow!

I totally understand that there might be some of you guys/ girls would be shy to go to the gym like I did when I was first started.

Nevertheless no excuse! Start exercising at home then, no problem guys! NO Equipment? No worries just start of with dumbbells are also more than enough.

My suggestion would be to get the adjustable dumbbells here for up to 12kg/ 26.5lbs per hand. 

But if you have the budget to invest more for long term, click here for dumbbells up to 20kg/ 45lbs per hand.

Really great for adjusting the intensity and best for beginners too!

Have a GREAT workout guys!

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